Just in the last week I went on a search to find out what is going on with all these earthquakes. I started with the usgs site.  I can’t even remember now what put me on to this comet elenin meri-go-round but it has led me to some interesting places. First of all, I live in Southern Illinois, smack dab on top of the New Madrid fault line. We are supposedly way over due for the “Big One”. If you take a look at the map, So. Il. is between both the Mississippi and Ohio rivers. Going over those bridges always makes me nervous. I say to myself, “Not yet. Please, not now.” Anyway, I experienced the earth shake about 18 years ago and it was just a small one, the “big one” sounds terrifying. So with all these big quakes and volcanoes not to mention the other craziness mother earth has shown recently, I went looking. Comet elenin itself is not disputed. NASA says its a wimpy little thing. There is some evidence though that when it comes into alignment with earth, we have big quakes. Doesn’t seem to be a coincidence, but earthquakes happen. The biggest evidence comes from a man who has postulated this theory that Elinin is a hyper resonator. Now I have these names and things written down but my son is napping in that room and I’d like that to happen a little while longer. I will get more proficient and learn to put links and all that later. Right now I’m getting my thoughts out. Anyway it’s the georesonator theory and I found it on yowusa.com. Pretty wild stuff there too. Dr O???? has this table showing the alignments of celestial bodies corresponding to big quakes and the next alignment is 3 days from now.  Well that in itself is scary but supposedly commit Elenin is, maybe, what the Hopi Indians call the blue kachina (read that and tell me if you don’t think of the space station they are currently saying may need to be left unmanned) and that behind it somewhere to the south is the red kachina possibly a brown dwarf star or what has come to be known as planetX that some call Nebiru. WHAT??? I just want to know why the earth is rattling.

Ok now I remember. Many years ago I was laying in the bath tub reading Discover magazine. They were saying that by 2012 so many ??? planets would come into alignment. I thought, “That could be bad.” Well around the time of the Deep Horizon explosion and the mines across the world blowing up, I said”what’s going on with the earths methane.”  Then this year after all the bird and fish kills,and there are more of them by the way, I said ” That’s magnetic field.”  I made a post on facebook laughing about global warming because at the time it was record cold and I asked “who’s paying attention to the magnetic field?” and cited these examples because as any 5 yr old can tell you when two magnets are put together they either stick or push apart until one of them flips, well you can feel all the pressure from trying to keep it from flipping, that would be really bad for a planet. My friends laughed at me and said conspiracy theories and there were shooters on the grassy knoll. Ok…. Since then airports have had to fix their equipment because the magnetic pole has shifted they say. Ok that means earth has shifted, Why? So after checking  USGS, I googled earths magnetic field. Scince then it’s been a wild ride. I’ve come across many people saying Japan’s crisis was way under reported, imagine that. Radiation has spread planet wide basically, oh fun!  I was looking at Dr Mark Sircus’s blog and took a link to another about weather control and of course the name George Soros was mentioned. My first thought was another conspiracy theory. But it gets better, the Army Corp of Engineers purposefully caused the flooding this spring. I had seen comments to that affect then after news articles on yahoo and had passed them off as conspiracy rantings. Well after reading this post, I’m furious. Not only did she( A. Peasant at twelfthbough.com, amazing ) present actual evidence but common sense in that just from the snow depth they knew it would cause flooding. When so many feet of snow melts it becomes so many gallons of water. Well, Duh. But of course I hadn’t thought of that.

So here I am, scratching my head, wondering just how many conspiracy theories are factual. We all know our government lies to us, but….. Holy Cow how bad is this, and even though I know knowledge is sometimes a burden, I have to know. Some time last week I must have slipped into another dimension. Unlike Alice’s, my rabbit hole still looks the same world, it’s just  seems I have to re-learn the physics of this world.

If we are all still here next week.